Jóvenes Embajadores

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The Global Campaign has long been centered and strengthened by the voices and views of children and youth who have been directly impacted by detention and migration. In order to have the most transformative impact, we believe these are the voices that need to be heard in public, media, policy and institutional spheres. We prioritise creating these opportunities. Some of the most impactful work that we have done has involved bringing the voices of those who have been in detention into direct dialogue with decision makers and global policy experts. The leadership of those with lived experience of child detention is critical to the success and integrity of our work to end child immigration detention.

«I was able to walk right up to decision-makers, introduce myself, and give them details of my story and my ideas for change. I believe this personal interaction made an even greater impact.»

Mariane Quintão, Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador Program:

Gholam Hassanpour

Hayat Akbari

Pinar Aksu