“No Sanctuary” Documentary Screening in Mexico

The expansion of family detention in the US is a misguided response to a regional problem: large numbers of children and their families seeking asylum.

Recognizing that durable solutions require a regional response, Campaign supporters in Mexico organized a screening of the Documentary “No Sanctuary: The Big Business of Family Detention”, with a talks session including representatives from civil society organizations on May 27.
The audience focused on graduate students in Mexico, who reflected on the documentary No Sanctuary, which describes the return to the practice of detaining migrants in the United States families.

Speakers included:
• Gisele Bonnici, International Detention Coalition (IDC)
• Frida Cárdenas Espinosa, Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI)
• Dra. Magdalena Barros, CIESAS-DF

The discussion was part of the seminar “Violence, Gender and Diverse Sexualities” coordinated by the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) in Mexico City.

Participants addressed issues such as the rapid detention and removal process, which does not guarantee relevant legal assistance to migrants and for profit companies that manage detention centers and have significant lobbying powers over policy.
Speakers recomended that the region should work to create alternatives to detention that avoid unnecessary detention of families, urging for regional and international standards concerned child detention to be adapted into national law.

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