For Your Campaign

The Global Campaign has drawn on our extensive network to develop a toolbox to help you in your campaigning and includes:

Free Training

An external training resource that takes you through the issue, campaign and solutions to ensure you have informed discussions about the subject.


To commemorate the Five Year Anniversary of the campaign in 2017, artworks sharing powerful stories of children in detention and in the community, were commissioned.


Our Vimeo channel has dozens of useful videos appropriate for community and political education, advocacy, and action.


The Invisible Picture Show features the voices of children in detention coupled with animations that give you an understanding of what detention is like for a child.


The campaign Series of Info-Graphics help to visually and succinctly summarise the campaign position.


Archived and templated media releases that you can use in your campaigning.


This is a resource that helps to bust some myths when it comes to children in immigration detention.


The Freedom Photo Project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia of children exploring what freedom means to them. The images document the lives of immigrant children and the reality of detention.