Platform Minors in Exile-Platform Kinderen op de Vlucht-Palte-forme Mineurs en Exil

The Platform Children on the run is a national, bilingual platform with 38 members and observers. The Platform was founded in 1999 and coordinates the actions of professionals who work directly with unaccompanied minors (UMs) and minors with their parents without legal residence in Belgium. The Platform arose from the observation that they could because of the legal, social and administrative situation is not fully enjoy their fundamental rights. Wants through coordination aims Platform better protection and social integration of these particularly vulnerable groups, which to a large extent consist of newcomers. The Platform aims to improve the expertise of its partners and the general public through the animation of working groups, conducting research and organizing awareness-raising, training, study days. The Platform also working to raise awareness of the minors themselves about their rights. Finally follows the Platform the legislative and institutional framework and makes recommendations to ensure respect for the fundamental rights of minors and proposals. These include specific attention to residence, right to education, social services, housing and detention.