Israel: fun jail video

I know, children in immigration detention is a depressingly sad issue.

But rather than wallow in the sad, this refreshing video from the ‘End Child Detention Coalition’ reminds us that humor is one of the best ways to make a point.

The Israel coalition to end child detention began in 2012 and is a joint project between Physicians for Human Rights, The Hotline for Refugees & Migrants, Israeli Children Project in the Association for Human Rights, with partnership from UNHCR Israel.

They report that immigration detention has become the default choice in dealing with children without a legal status in Israel. Read the full report here in Hebrew, or a summary here in English.

Their focus is on preventing immigration detention of children through the use of alternatives.

The Coalition has developed a national action plan, sitting now with the Israeli Government, which recommends a community-based alternative to immigration detention for migrant children.

To find out more, take a look at the Israel End Child Detention Coalition facebook page (in Hebrew).