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  1. Najeeba Wazefadost
    Najeeba Wazefadost says:

    No children in detention centre. AUSTRALIA should release the children from those terrible detention centres.

  2. William Liu
    William Liu says:

    It is sickening and eerily dystopian to know that the the Australian government – our very own – is getting away with human rights abuse echoing that of genocidal regimes. The detainees must be released.

  3. Cynthia K Shelley
    Cynthia K Shelley says:

    No child should ever be held in custody… from it’s relatives. Imagine the repercussions of this trauma.

  4. Stephen Brigham Jr
    Stephen Brigham Jr says:

    It’s time we start organizing to get thousands of people to surround these detention centers with the things that they need and if we have to we’ll turn down the cages let them go ahead and try and stop us

  5. Anita Huffman
    Anita Huffman says:

    This is the most cruel and despicable action I’ve seen in my lifetime. Its mind-boggling to see how people will tolerate evil as long as you spin it right.


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