Right to Protection National Charitable Foundation

The Right to Protection National Charitable Foundation is a supporter of the Global Campaign to End Immigration Detention of children. Their main goal is to improve the situation of non-citizens of Ukraine.

As a service provision organisation, they aim to:

  • Improve cooperation and dialogue between the public sector and the relevant public authorities at national and regional levels in the area of ​​migration and asylum
  • Raise awareness of both public and judicial authorities and NGOs to existing problems and their possible solutions in the area of ​​migration and asylum, work on the borders and on related issues connected with the observance of the rights of non-citizens.
  • Increase transparency about the activities of the State in implementing policies and legislation on migration and asylum, and other administrative services to non-citizens, observance and realization of their rights.
  • Improve the efficiency of the public sector by increasing the level of knowledge and competence, implementation of best practices and international standards.

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