Making the impossible, possible

Running 400 kms sounds impossible right?


It’s possible.


Just like ending child immigration detention is possible.


The inspiring Secretary General of Terre Des Hommes, Ignacio Packer ran 400ks in 82 hours to raise awareness to end child immigration detention, finishing his run at the UN Palais Des Nations, where the UN Human Rights Council was in session.


Ignacio said “My race was qualified “impossible”. Nothing should be considered impossible and it is possible to end child immigration detention.”


He used publicity from his run to give a rare opportunity for the voices of the children in immigration detention a voice.


“You are made to hate yourself and your life. The pain is so much that you would rather die, because your condition does not allow you to rebel” (15 year old Bereket from Erhitrea, arrived a couple of weeks ago to the South of Sicily).


Bereket is just one one of millions of children around the world affected by immigration detention.


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