Magna Carta Center

Magnacarta Centre Nepal (MCC) is an impartial, non-governmental and non-profit Organization, it is devoted to building peace, realization of human rights and ensuring equitable development. It is committed to democracy and continual strengthening of the democratic system. It adheres to democratic values as life style and recognizes that the real promoters and beneficiaries of Democracies are the people themselves. This Organization has been inspired by these commitments, assumptions and concepts for an active and creative contribution for the promotion of peace, human rights and sustainable development of the country, it intends to play catalytic role for transformation of
Nepalese society.

MCC Intends to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights over the globe, it also seeks to carry out profound studys and detailed research on the Issues relevant to the progress and prosperity of the country, and the formulation of a clear vision through serious and meaningful dialogues, and thereby play an effective role in societal change. Apart from general human rights protection and Promotion the primary focus of MCC is to advocate on behalf of vulnerable Women children and other socially and culturally marginalised sections of the society for the defence of their rights. MCC believes in zero tolerance against the violation of human rights without Impunity.

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