Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Central and Eastern Europe-wide, including Hungary, there were people who began referring to Helsinki challenging way to live their human rights because they believed that the man, but what is also written in the law , are  inalienable human rights.

In this spirit, founded in 1983, the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, a spectacular event at the first took place in Budapest, twenty years ago, in October 1985.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee was established in 1989 by. Ongoing activities began at the turn of 1994-95. Since then keeps track of whether they are actually exercised the rights that are granted to domestic laws, and ensure the respect of the rights of the Hungarian law, must ensure that under the general principles of human rights or international agreements.Are there any of these rights for the people who are fleeing persecution in our country demands for protection? For those who differ from the majority because of their skin color or other? Exercised to police detention centers or prisons, these rights? The HHC named, and – where appropriate – are critical of the legislation and case law, is trying to influence the lawmaking that our laws more in line with human rights principles, and provides legal assistance to those whose fundamental rights violated by a public authority in charge was responsible for ensuring the rights.

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