Defence for Children Netherlands

Defence for Children is an international organization that defends the rights of children. Defence for Children promotes children’s rights in the Netherlands and abroad on the basis of the UN Convention. Effective reinforcement of children’s rights can only be achieved if the rights of children are laid down in laws and regulations and continuous monitoring of compliance.Defence for Children uses the UN Convention and all subsequent case law and other international treaties as a starting point to get implemented children’s rights and to monitor compliance.Defence for Children does this by lobbying, research, consultancy, information, education and action. Defence for Children is child-centered and get the best interests of children in the first place. In that sense, Defence for Children in the first place the interests of children. This will help shape the participation of children and young people in the work of Defence for Children.

LOGO_ECPAT_cmykzwart + 348 2010.pngIn the Netherlands, Defence for Children and ECPAT one organization. ECPAT is a network of organizations in 74 countries and conducts worldwide campaign against sexual exploitation of children. The headquarters of ECPAT International is based in Thailand.

Defence for Children is part of an international network and consists of 47 national sections and members. From the Netherlands strengthens Defence for Children as chairman from the Netherlands the European network of Defence for Children. For more information, see the website of Defence for Children International .