Association for Solidarity with Refugees

Asylum-seekers have sought refuge in our country, protect unaccompanied migrant or refugee people’s rights and to defend the case; ASSOCIATION FOR SOLIDARITY WITH REFUGEES (REFUGEE-DER), on kuruldu.16 June 2007 Izmir on 31 January 2008. Amnesty International Turkey Branch and the Oppressed Der ‘and in the invitation, Izmir, many civil society organizations representatives of the established United Nations Refugee High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from Ankara with the participation of a representative of some public institutions and representatives of the “refugee problem and Izmir example” was held a day-long meeting on. This one-day study, some participants at the end of a coordination committee composed of representatives of civil society organizations, to asylum seekers in Izmir 2007 until November, provides a variety of humanitarian assistance, mainly for two meals per day.

On 17 November 2007. re beer hovering, a collective evaluation of the work prescriptive until that day in June made, in the future of relief efforts by raising the much more organized work dimension focuses on the need of expanding and people of different opinions from different sectors, combined with how to be sensitive to the rights of refugees, January 31, 2008 the day they performed the Association for Solidarity with Refugees organization.


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