The Arakan Project

The Arakan Project mostly focuses its research and advocacy activities on the northern part of Rakhine/Arakan State where the majority of the Rohingya ethnic group lives. The project also monitors the Rohingya refugee situation and maritime movements in Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia.

The project is working toward is a future in which all people from Rakhine/Arakan State attain human rights, justice and peace in a democratic Burma.  To this end, they work together with local communities and project their voices internationally.  The Arakan Project’s main focus is on the Rohingya population who, deprived of citizenship rights in Burma, are subject to the most severe human rights violations.

The Arakan Project is engaged in research-based advocacy since 1999. It started as a project under the umbrella of two Thailand-based NGOs, Images Asia and Forum-Asia. In 2005, the Arakan Project was established as an independent NGO.


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