France does not allow for the detention of unaccompanied minors, as their law only allows adults to be deported (and that is when detention is possible). However, the detention of children is common, with more than 4,000 children detained each year, and there is little political will to move away from the practice.

  • France Terre D'Asile

    The association under the law of 1 July 1901, known as France land of asylum, founded in December 1970, is primarily aimed at maintaining and developing one of the oldest French traditions, that of asylum and guaranteeing France the application of all relevant international conventions. For the association, it is a question of helping all the people in situation of legal migrations, in particular those answering to the definitions of “refugee” and “of stateless person” specified by the international conventions.

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  • Kids Empowerment

    Kids Empowerment was founded in June 2016 by Anna Kurdova, Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred and Caroline Loussouarn Newman, legal experts who identified major gaps in the protection of migrant children. In response to the policy limitations and lack of legal coherence within host countries compliant with the rights of migrant children, Kids Empowerment aims to realize the full development and potential of children and youth by full compliance with international law and best practices.

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  • La Cimade

    Every year, La Cimade receives and advises tens of thousands of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and provides legal support to foreigners, assisting them in accessing their rights. La Cimade leads advocacy actions towards decision makers; it informs and raises awareness on migrations among the public opinion.

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  • Public Services International

    Public Services International is a global trade union federation representing 20 million working women and men who deliver vital public services in 163 countries. PSI champions human rights, advocates for social justice and promotes universal access to quality public services. PSI works with the United Nations system and in partnership with labour, civil society and other organisations.

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