The worldwide reach and continued lobbying efforts of the Campaign at the UN, regional and national level are only possible due to the campaign supporters, who are united around the principles in the ‘campaign position’.

Your support is the ‘main ask’ of the campaign, enabling us to demonstrate the size of our civil society movement and enabling us to urge governments to undertake legal, policy and practical change.

More details on supporting the campaign.



Organisations who would like to support the campaign are asked to submit an open letter (template available here) to confirm their motivation for support and commitment to the Global Campaign though continued collaboration. The organisation’s level of commitment is determined by the organisation involved, based on their capacity for mutual advocacy.

This map shows the public supporters of the Campaign.





Individuals are asked to show their support by signing the online petition to end child detention, which may be delivered in a targeted event or used to show the breadth of civil society support.