Maanso Relief Society (MAARSO)

MAARSO is a non- profit and non-government entity based in Somalia. Entirely volunteer run, they work to inspire a passion for peace from the grassroots level to the corridors of power.

MAARSO was established in 2011 by a group of human rights activists, lawyers, traditional leaders, members of the private sectors, scholars and journalists who recognized the significance of human rights. Prolonged civil conflicts in Somalia have fostered a lost generation, with little experience of effective Governance and poor access to basic social services – especially education and employment opportunities. Youth women and children continue to be the most impacted by these developments.

MAARSO advocates for the rights of the poor, disadvantaged and the marginalized. Our vision is to see a  horn of Africa anchored on a culture of peace, justice and equality.

MAARSO joins the global campaign to end child detention, expressing their concern for migrant children who travel with the real risk of immigration detention.

See their letter of support for the campaign here. 

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