The Global Campaign believes that all refugee, asylum-seeker and irregular migrant children should be:

1.  Free
Children should under no circumstances be detained. Liberty is a fundamental human rights

2. Treated as children
Children are, first and foremost, children and should be treated in full accordance with international law regarding child rights

3. Looked after
The best interest of the child must be the primary consideration in any action that a State might take in relation to a child

4. In the community
States should transpose into their respective legislation and practice an end to the detention of children for migration reasons and seek to develop appropriate community placement models

5. With their parents
Consistent with the principles of family unity, the parents or primary care-givers should not be detained, but should be allowed to live in the community setting with their children, while having their status assessed. Unaccompanied or separated children should be appointed an independent guardian

Gisele Bonnici, Coordinator of the Mexico Campaign Focus Month speaks to the media


Many of the objectives of the Campaign are aimed at changing views of governments. In order to do this, the campaign aims, wherever possible, to be focused on solutions, and to be strategic about the countries it targets. Where appropriate, the Campaign features the voices of children to advocate for change. All information circulated in association with the Campaign must be evidence based.


The Campaign has been designed with the flexibility to be relevant to the national context. Groups are encouraged to use the campaign in partnership with a national campaign: but we do ask that the messaging of national campaigns are based on the human rights framework, and that all campaigns are conducted ethically with the best interests of children utilized in the campaign at the center of its work.